New AVS-SYS Aerospace Flexible Ducting

01 Mar 2016

AVS-SYS Ltd, the composite design engineering company, is introducing to market a new range of Ultra Lightweight Aerospace Low Pressure Flexible Ducting which is manufactured in the UK.  The ducting has been specifically designed to suit the demanding on-board environments found in aircraft of all types, whilst removing weight to provide long term operational savings.


AVS-SYS Ducting Easily Passes Flammability Testing

28 Mar 2018

AVS-SYS Ltd, the composite design and manufacturing company, is extremely pleased to announce that our Ultra Lightweight Aerospace Flexible Ducting, Insulated Flexible Ducting and Flexible Muffler (Silencer) Ducting has all comfortably passed FAR/CS-25 25.853(a) Amdt.17 App.F Part. I(a)(1)(ii) & (b)(4) Flammability testing.